5 Qualities A Successful Person Possesses

Abhishek Verma
6 min readMay 15, 2020
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

Success, success, success.

Everybody wants it rather craves it like the ambrosia of Gods which would grant immortality.

Who has it?

Not everybody.

The biggest game life plays with us is that whatever we really, really, really want goes away from us and what we don’t, ends up in our lap without significant work.

So, should you and I run after success?

My clear answer after much deliberation is a big fat NO.

I should plant seeds of success rather habits of success, inside me, so that success becomes a by-product rather than the meaning of existence.

A tree’s fruits are it by-products, not the reason it exists, right?

These are the 5 seeds that one should plant in themselves to let success bloom.

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

Personal Vision

Now, everybody has a ballpark idea of where they want to be in life. They would simpler goals like having a car and house by this time, this much money in their saving by this time, getting married by this time and others.

These things are by-products of human existence. You need to go around, so, 0of course, you will buy a vehicle. You need to have a roof over your head, so, obviously, you would want a house for yourself. You are created rather calibrated to procreate, so, obviously, you would want to marry somebody (or not).

Your personal vision should go beyond the run-of-the-mill needs of human existence.

Everybody has the potential to be successful but why isn’t everybody?

First, you would want to blame Pareto, whose distribution would let only 20% of people be successful. Out of 100 people wanting to achieve the same goal only, 20 would be successful.

But, there is still hope right, 20% is much higher than well, nothing.

What will differentiate those 20?

Their vision is what will differentiate them!