7 Quotes by Tesla for Boosting Your Motivation Up

Abhishek Verma
8 min readApr 28, 2020


Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

You just opened this article on your phone or laptop?

Your phone, your laptop, your lights, your washing machine, nothing works without electricity.

We have come a long way from burning oil lamps.

It is all thanks to one and only, Tesla (Not Elon Musk’s).

Nikola Tesla is the futurist-cum-mechanical engineer-cum-electrical engineer who single-handedly boosted the future of Earth by leaps and bounds. Such was his prowess that his many of his patents are still under lock and key. They are still world-shaking, even after more than 150 years of his death.

He has existed beyond time because his thoughts were beyond time.

In times of oil lamps, he thought of lighting the night up and with his achievement, he bettered all our lives for times to come.

Let’s look at what this futurist genius had on his mind.

Be ready to electrified by his thoughts.


One resounding thought in all the great minds of this world is this.

Books are the panacea for all maladies, physical, spiritual and mental.

No wisdom has been nor has been any paradise since the appearance of books.

With the advent of the Internet, no knowledge seems out of reach. Everything is on your hands and it is very well your choice to read it.


You should read books because books will change you even if you don’t remember it verbatim.

You should read books because you would be the one who can talk about anything in this world.

You should read books because books are better company than boredom.

You should read books because books breathe into knowledge you would never have dreamed of.

You should read books because books are like boxes of chocolates, you never know what lesson you are going to learn.