7 Quotes by Tesla for Boosting Your Motivation Up

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You just opened this article on your phone or laptop?

Your phone, your laptop, your lights, your washing machine, nothing works without electricity.

We have come a long way from burning oil lamps.

It is all thanks to one and only, Tesla (Not Elon Musk’s).

Nikola Tesla is the futurist-cum-mechanical engineer-cum-electrical engineer who single-handedly boosted the future of Earth by leaps and bounds. Such was his prowess that his many of his patents are still under lock and key. They are still world-shaking, even after more than 150 years of his death.

He has existed beyond time because his thoughts were beyond time.

In times of oil lamps, he thought of lighting the night up and with his achievement, he bettered all our lives for times to come.

Let’s look at what this futurist genius had on his mind.

Be ready to electrified by his thoughts.


One resounding thought in all the great minds of this world is this.

Books are the panacea for all maladies, physical, spiritual and mental.

No wisdom has been nor has been any paradise since the appearance of books.

With the advent of the Internet, no knowledge seems out of reach. Everything is on your hands and it is very well your choice to read it.


You should read books because books will change you even if you don’t remember it verbatim.

You should read books because you would be the one who can talk about anything in this world.

You should read books because books are better company than boredom.

You should read books because books breathe into knowledge you would never have dreamed of.

You should read books because books are like boxes of chocolates, you never know what lesson you are going to learn.

You should read books because knowledge is pertinent enough to prevail in the tribulations of time.

You should read books because none ever said they wasted their time reading books.

You should read books because books are the secret ingredient of genius.

You should read books because books are the BEST.


Negativity spreads faster than positivity.

Hate is more prevalent than love.

Intolerance is mainstream rather than tolerance.

We would rather make atom bombs before nuclear reactors.

There is so much hate in this world, not enough for the love to balance it.

But why?

Hate is easier, I guess.

You don’t have to take anybody under consideration and just do whatever you feel like. Break, burn, blast.

Things have not changed even after a century because when Tesla says this, he sensed the hate the world had seething inside it.

He loved solitude and as such didn’t keep much company but this didn’t escape his sight.

Hate, so much hate, you could light the whole world up.

Yes, light it up, sure but in red.

Red the colour of love and alas, the colour of hate, too.

And evidently, it is logical because both come from the same place.

So, why not, just why not, for today, just today, we choose love over hate?

Then, why not, we slowly but steadily always choose love over hate, good over bad.

Then, why not, let the positivity of love permeate all aspects of life.

Then, why not, just why not, let’s paint this world red, yes, red, the RED of LOVE.


No success has ever been achieved without suffering.

No good can ever exist without bad.

No virtue shall even exist without failing.

Tesla asks you to forgive yourself for your failings because virtues can’t be known without failings.

It is a very simple thing, yet we can’t accept.

You won’t what hot or cold is without ever experiencing it, right?

Then, why do we only want happiness in life?

The definition of happiness is polar opposite of sadness.

And we have experienced sadness, that’s why we don’t want it.

Our definitions of the good exist because of the bad.

Not wanting one would demean the other.

The very fabric of the world has been created on the opposing forces.

Sweet and salt.

Land and water.

Order and chaos.

Good and bad.

Running from one of these forces, disturbs our mental balance.

We should be like the person standing in front of the conveyor belt doing nothing, just enjoying the view.

If good arrives, it’s OK.

If bad arrives, it’s OK.

It doesn’t matter, we should accept both in equal amounts, without any bias.

Don’t punish yourself for the bad happens.

Bad precedes good and good precedes bad.

It’s an endless cycle.

Accept what comes to you and do the best you can.

Those who ruminate, ruin themselves.
Those who prevail, prepare themselves.


There is no perfection in this world.

And that’s perfectly FINE.

See, when you have 7 billion people, 7 billion thoughts, opposing or supporting, the chances of finding the perfect way to co-exist is impossible.

Coming down to single down, one person-sized us, if we concern ourselves with the perfect way to live.

If we try to find the solution of the so-called equation by Tesla, it would be an utter, disparaging waste of time.

That’s why he took it upon himself to immortalize this warning in his own witty words.

Although, he did leave a cure to this chaotic conundrum.

The existence of at least the certain known factors.

What are those certain known factors?

A known factor is something we know, a fact, for instance.

Whatever repeats, becomes a fact.

2 + 2 = 4

For the longest time, it has been repeated by generations of humans. It is the most basic fact.

We need to find the common in our days and hold onto it.

Just like in maths, taking out the common, would solve the equation.

Here, in the same way, it would give us a cure for this chaotic equation.

We breathe. It is a fact.

We wake up every day. It is a fact.

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a fact.

These very little things, these are the commons of your life.

These are the ones that should be held onto.

These are the moments that should be enjoyed.

They are mundane, but they are a luxury unspent every day by not enjoying them.

There is happiness in life if one can help themselves to it.

Mundane can be magical, if you want it to be.

Enjoying the very little moments you get is the solution to the chaotic equation of life.

But, that’s not all.

If the common is to be enjoyed like the finest wine, then, why not let good habits be the common in our lives?

Why not inculcate a good routine and enjoy ourselves with it?

Routine will reward you.

It will make your life 10x better and happier.

It will boost your brain.

It will procreate productivity in your not-so-perfect-perfect life.

Inculcating a routine with good habits will be the best use of this adage by Tesla.


Ephemeral ecstacies never end up in eternal elation.

A HIGH is a HIGH, there will be definitely a LOW.

For all of us today, experience is the new entertainment.

Tesla could really also peer into the problems we would have, that’s why he left these words.

Do you know the world won’t end if we won’t buy all these latest things that keep on releasing in every single nook and cranny of this world?

The rush, the craving, only lasts until you haven’t got what you wanted.

Once you get it and use it, you are indifferent to it.

Tesla warns to not fall in the trap of NEW.

Pursue the eternal rather than the new.

What is eternal?

Nothing is eternal.

But, we are not eternal, then why not focus what will serve us the best the entirety of our lives?

Would that new top or jean serve us at our death bed?

All that you learn is truly eternal for you.

Focus on yourself.

Focus on improving yourself.

Chase the new YOU rather than the other NEWs.


When you look at the mirror?

Who do you see?


But, what do you think?

Most thoughts start with pointing out things you don’t good about yourself.

The freckle on your face, the pimple on your cheek, but you are sure to create something.

You think that people won’t give accept you because of this while they are obviously standing in front of their mirrors, thinking the same thing.

Funny, isn’t it?

We are so engrossed about the opinions of others, that we lose our own voice, our thoughts, our ambitions, our yearning and everything that makes you YOU.

That’s why Tesla says to just not look in the mirror, peer into yourself.

Know yourself.

Know everything about you.

What can you do?

What you can’t do? (That’s a joke, everybody can do everything, efforts could be variable, but the effect won’t be.)

What you like?

What you don’t like?

Explore yourself.

You don’t have to follow the so-called trends like sheep in a herd.

Find your own flavour of life.

Find yourself.


Tesla pursued his passions and immortalized himself.

When work and passion are the same, then, you can achieve success by leaps and bounds.


Because you won’t be working every, you will always be enjoying yourself.

Enjoyment is something you don’t want to end.

Your enjoyment will be 100% productive work because you don’t get distracted from things you love.

One person slogs whole day at job he doesn’t like and the other pursues his passion/work.

Who will have more output?

Of course, the passionate one.

A single drop of work in fields of passion would bloom into a thousand flowers.
A single drop of work in fields of boredom would burn it into the ground.

Take these pearls of wisdom that have weathered the trials of time and incorporate them into your life for being the best you.

Abhishek Verma is a researcher in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence. He likes to write about the logical way of self-improvement. Spurred by emotions, he also likes to write poetry. Stay in touch by joining his newsletter. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Mix.

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