An Interview with Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Abhishek Verma
5 min readMar 28, 2020
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Me: Why would you indiscriminately take away the future of so many people?

COVID-19: Humans have all God-given gifts right from eyes to a great brain. You will find my antidote. As to why would I do it, I can’t say. I don’t have a body like humans, neither brain.

I am just a lifeless entity who keeps trying to fend for itself. I enter your bodies, integrate into your system and use your energy. That is the only way I can survive. I keep on creating my copies, so that, I keep going on. I am trying to fend for myself.

My days are numbered. I am fighting for a piece of my existence.

Me: Are you trying to imply that your pursuit existence is justified, no matter, how many good people have to give up their lives?

COVID-19: I don’t have a conscience to process this. I can’t differentiate between good or bad. I just try to find a home. I am inanimate until I don’t find a host. I will be eradicated I know that.

Neither of my siblings ever could go on forever. Brother SARS, Grandmother Spanish Flu, Grandfather Plague, and many of my kin have been eradicated. I accept my end but I will fight for myself till the end. I am not different from humans in that sense.

Humans have the most powerful survival instinct. They have weathered trials and tribulations of nature for so long. So, I will not underestimate you guys but neither should you guys underestimate me.

I have seen people coughing on other people as a joke. I have seen people taking their lives lightly. Your technological advancement gives you an edge, but at the same time, the confidence it gives you has become your downfall.

Me: Where were you born?

COVID-19: Honestly, I don’t know. I was sleeping. Then, someone just nudged me. I have two commands in my mind: multiply and seize energy. I have to keep on creating copies of myself. In that sense, I and my copies follow a matriarchal society. But, we don’t have a collective consciousness. So, no two copies can contact each other. Every copy I create is a hope for existence to continue.

Me: How can we fight you?