What Can You Learn from Fireworks for a Happy Life?

Abhishek Verma
6 min readApr 14, 2020

So brimming with excitement, am I, that I falter from burning that match, I so quietly picked up on my way here.

The joy of lighting the fuse, the transient but eternal wait to see it burst into little sparks of happiness. I am anticipating it so much, I again falter from burning that match.

I suppress my overflowing anticipation and finally, I light it. Phew!


The crackling of the fireworks resounds in my brain as if the countdown to the most beautiful light show I’ll see.

The resounding bang with a resplendent blast. I am waiting for it. I yearn to see it so bad like the snow for the sun after a long winter.

I wait for that ephemeral moment of bright brilliant happiness.

It finally happens, BANG!

I am living manifestation of happiness itself now, all smiles.

Fireworks started out in China (they were said to drive evil spirits away), and today, they are part and parcel of any celebration we can think of.

Be it Olympics, New Year celebrations, Diwali, 4th of July, marriages (big Indian weddings), we are always itching to paint the sky into our colours of merriment and joy.

The bright emerald green, the blood-red, the godly golden, the soothing white and many others are the colours in our palette. We leave no stone unturned in boisterously showing the world how happy we are.

With every brilliant spark, fireworks leave us a lesson.

Are you listening to it?

The Anticipation

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Before you light the fuse, you anticipate the beauty of the moment when you will see the firework burst into splendorous beauty.

Before we do anything in life, we anticipate the outcome. In the case of fireworks, it is the joy-inducing display they will put.