Here’s The Reason Why You Can’t Hold Onto A Conversation

Abhishek Verma
6 min readApr 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your conversations fall through?

In between the conversation, you just feel you lost the CONNECTION.

For maximum success in life, you need to master the art of communication, that too, with new people.

So, if you have trouble even approaching new people, read this article first.

Any conversation starts with an introduction. Your introduction is literally your first impression on the person.

But, how do you continue after the perfect ‘HI’ you could say to the other person?

How do you capture their attention?

How to make the conversation flowing like cheese on sliced bread?

For any meaningful, fulfilling conversation to happen, you need to establish:

Yes, you need to establish rapport.

Simply, it means establishing a common ground.

You need to make the other person feel like that you are like cheese to their wine, bacon to their eggs or Yin to their Yang.

You should be able to create the feeling that they can trust you with their precious time.

You should be able to conjure feelings of positivity towards you.

You should feel like the best person they can give their time to.

But how?

How do you find the interests, likes, dislikes and quirks of a person you just met minutes ago?

You can’t possibly do that, right.

So, let’s see what we have in front of us.

We need to use all our senses to maximum, here.

A lot you need to know is missing.

What you have in front of you are the emotions of the person, the words that are being spoken and the actions that are being performed.

You have in front of two things, therefore:

  • Physicality
  • Emotionality