How Not To Get Annoyed And Be Chill!!!

Abhishek Verma
5 min readDec 2, 2019
Photo by Carlos Quintero on Unsplash

Getting annoyed is a very common thing for us. We get annoyed a lot by the driver that is honking on his horn repeatedly, by the regular check of bags at offices, by the words of people around us. It is an unpleasant feeling. We really don’t want to be annoyed but can’t really help it. What irks you, you can’t shirk it. That is the problem of life. It irritates you. It distracts you from the merry line-of-thinking you were having just now. It leads to you being angry and frustrated.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Here are some ways in which you can come back to the CHILL state from an annoyed state:

  1. Identify what is bothering you:

Whenever you feel annoyed, it is important to not lash out and rather introspect as to what bothered us in the first place. It has a two-pronged benefit, it stops you from lashing out and second, it lets you explore yourself and know yourself better.

Know thyself and thou shall conquer the world.

2. Create a self-advice:

It mostly happens that we are very good at giving others advice rather than applying it for our own when time comes. It has a reason though.

When you are listening to the other person, you are not invested in that in anyway and thus are able to give rational advice to the person in the situation. Emotions cloud rationality and give way to stupid actions. So, when you are annoyed, try to create a self-advice that will stop you from doing anything stupid.

3. The source can be hidden in plain sight:

Maybe the real reason you are annoyed is because you identify with a certain aspect of a person that is similar to you and you hate that part of yourself.

Maybe the person who is supposedly annoying not the culprit but the culprit is hidden in plain sight, just look at the mirror and you will find him.

We all indulge in self-hatred. We can’t really love all of us. Sometimes our certain actions are in scrutiny by ourselves only. They maybe socially acceptable, endearing even to others but we may hate them.