If You Have Trouble Talking To New People, You Need To Read This

Abhishek Verma
5 min readApr 21, 2020
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Socially active is a commonly misunderstood term. Hanging out with the same people is not socially active, meeting new people is what socially active really means.

Being socially active is very important for your personal development because when you meet new people, the exchange of a plethora of experiences begins. This exchange of experience boosts personal development.

Also, being socially active boosts the longevity and well-being of humans, as found by researchers at Harvard.

Most of us have come across this, many times. Still, this hasn’t spurred us into action. Because having factual information and actionable information is different.

Factual information can be good to use in conversations, but without the actionable information of how to start a conversation, there would be no point of the factual information you have.

The issues that stop us from being more socially active are:

  • We don’t know how to approach somebody.
  • Even if, somebody introduces us (wingman style), we still can’t do it.

Which boils down to one thing.

Yes, FIRST IMPRESSION is the most important and you need to master this if you want to be successful SOCIALLY ACTIVE.

There are 5 tenets for a perfect first impression, master this and you will open gates of endless possibilities and success for yourself.

Let’s dive in.


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First things first, change your attitude towards what will happen.