Ink-Stained Symphony

A Poem

Abhishek Verma


Source: Author

In the realm of woven words, I find my muse,
A tapestry of thoughts, emotions to infuse.
The pen, a magic wand, creates a dance,
A symphony of letters in a rhythmic trance.

Lines unfurl like tendrils of a vine,
Climbing the walls of time, forever to entwine.
Metaphors and similes paint vivid scenes,
A world of beauty, bursting at the seams.

From depths of heart, to heights of mind,
In this tangled labyrinth, I seek and find.
Each verse, a snapshot of the soul’s intent,
Capturing whispers of truth, moments well spent.

So, let the ink flow, let the parchment sing,
For in every poem, a piece of me takes wing.