Is Apathy The Apocalypse For Emotions?

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Apathy is the cardinal sin of humans. To let go of emotions so that you stop feeling whatever was bothering you. Creating an invisible wall around you in which no one’s feelings can crawl through.

To give up you humanity and getting reduced to a machine.

Yes, yes, yes, this is what apathy is.

Yes, it is lack of all that makes you human.

Apathy has been considered so bad, that it is considered under Sloth, one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Christianity.

Apathy is the worst emotion you can experience. It disconnects from your own humane nature reducing into nothing but a couple of bones covered with meat. Apathy is DEATH!!!

In death, you don’t feel anything, everything ceases to affect you. You neither feel happy nor sad nor anxious.

So, tell do you find apathy something less that DEATH?

If you do, then, I am sorry to say, you are WRONG!

Have you ever felt apathy?

After reading so much apathy, the answer you will find is NOOOO!

But, this is actually not true.

Yes, you have felt apathy knowingly or unknowingly.

The day you felt so bad, you just stopped feeling anything.

The day you received that bad news, you just stopped feeling anything.

The day you read a girls commits a suicide because of bullying, you just ignored it.

The day you read that voting is important, but you choose not to vote. You would rather wait for hours outside Apple store.

Yes, we feel apathy. We do feel it. It is bad. It is a cardinal sin.

But, a sin we commit everyday.

We say government is bad when we don’t change anything about it. We are lazy to even vote.

We read scores and scores of news regarding crimes that can make you sick, but after the same news same time with different characters. It doesn’t affect us.

Our blood doesn’t boil anymore the way it used to be.

We hide behind screens, the castle of glass we construct for ourselves without a single mirror inside to show us what we have become.

It is a crime to not feel anything when you see something bad happening.

It is a crime to not to feel empathetic towards others.

Gone are the days when people would help somebody who has been in an accident on the road. We would rather for others to do something. Or worse Tweet about the bad roads government has made. Or the worst make a video of the accident for those extra follows, you will get.

We feed on the plight of the humans. We belong to the same species, have the exact amount of bones in each of us and have one HEART. I think that HEART has forgotten to beat for others.

The simple act of not feeling is a crime to every single heart that is beating on Earth.

When you choose to not feel something, you ignore it. You ignore its source. Your ignore its cause. A cause always has an effect. In case of emotions, it is always a positive effect. But, when purposefully choose to disconnect. To shed the humaneness you possess. You forego the lesson. You forego the ability to understand yourself.

Too much of emotions push us into apathy.

APATHY at that time may feel like a safe haven. But, success is not for those who seek safe havens but rather create safe havens for others.

When you succeed, you create a safe haven of ‘YES, I CAN ALSO DO IT.’ for others.

Fighters are remembered by the throes of history. Cowards belong in the trash.

Don’t be one and face your emotions.

Apathy hasn’t done any good for this world and never would.

Emotions will shred you into pieces but those would still live. They reattach to each other. This time stronger. If you keep running from yourself, you will never find yourself.

Beauty of the human consciousness lies in its power to find a connection with a person you never knew or met. That is a gift. To feel. Feel sad. Feel happy. Feel angry.

You haven’t still met yourself truly. Trying to find a connection will only allow you to meet yourself. So, never disconnect. Never indulge in apathy for it is a sin for yourself and humanity.

Always feel. Feel the blood rushing through veins. Feel the air energizing your body. Feel every single with all your might. Feel every emotion you go through. You don’t skip colours in the rainbow, so, don’t skip emotions if they don’t suit you. To feel is to live, to feel is to be human.

Be human.

Abhishek Verma is a researcher in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence. He likes to write about the logical way of self-improvement. Spurred by emotions, he also likes to write poetry. Stay in touch by joining his newsletter. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Mix.

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