It Is Time To Beat The Corona Blues

Abhishek Verma
5 min readApr 1, 2020
Photo by noor Younis on Unsplash

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is all we are focusing right now. But, unconsciously also ignoring the opportunity in front of us.

So everybody:

It is time to be better than what you were yesterday because whenever you start that is the best time to do it.

It is time to shatter your limits and achieve success because only you can do that for yourself, no one else will.

It is time to build habits of success because success is ordained upon those who have weathered the trials of time.

It is time to pick up that book eating dust on your bedside table mounted upon which are many things.

It is time to hone your blades of skills because this time shall never return.

It is time to choose between wasting or weaving the fabric of time into something great.

It is time to be limitless in your ambition and limitless in your efforts because the cocktail of success contain both in equal amounts.

It is time to know yourself, your quirks, your irks and your tricks.

It is time for you to learn everything you ever wanted but never got the time.

It is time to do things you yearned for all your life.