Demystifying Music For A More Positive You

Abhishek Verma
4 min readNov 16, 2019

Believe it or not, everybody is a sucker for music. Music, or as boiled from its original meaning, ‘the art of Muses’. Music plays too important a role in our lives.

The first music everybody hears in their life is their mother’s lullaby.

That is the first musical experience you get to experience in your life and it sure does work like MAGIC!

Life sure is like music with it HIGH, happy notes and LOW, sad notes. You have both great and worst moments every day. Your day is like a soundtrack and it is your decision how should the song overall feel like. Sad or Happy? It is your CHOICE!

Because just like in music, both good and bad moments keep on repeating, showing us the roller coaster ride that life is.

Childhood is mostly the happy notes. Then, comes adolescence which is a rambunctious mix of both happy and sad notes. Adulthood follows the same suit but the rambunctiousness settles down. Old age is mostly like a lullaby filled with low, happy notes, in which you keep on reminiscing your life’s symphony.

What is Music?

What can you consider as Music?

A child bawling at the top of his voice is not music.

Our brain perceives anything as music that contains a pattern.

Music can be as simple as you banging the table in a set pattern or as complex as Mozart’s Symphonies.

For many of you, the music above will be the answer the question to where the hell I have listened to this? And I am happy to tell every single place you can think of. From children’s toys to tens of movies, most notably Patch Adams. You can…