Why Being A Self-Explorer Will Be The Best Thing You Do Today?

Abhishek Verma
6 min readNov 15, 2019

The silence before the storm, the bud with innateness of the nature wishing for the day it becomes a flower, a child seeing the first light in this world, the crashing of tectonic plates to give life to nature’s magnanimous catastrophe. You see whether it’s good or bad, everything has to start.

If something never starts, it never exists.

Existence has to start ‘existing’ per se.

When do we start to exist?

That is a very valid question.

What is the first memory you have of yourself?

When did you become conscious of yourself?

You as a person, as an awesome entity on this Earth, started that day.

That moment is gold.

Do you remember it or have lost it?

Memories are tricky. Your brain relies on the mechanism of episodic memory, which is essentially reliving your past experience. The more you don’t connect with that moment, the more the memory fades.

The good news is it’s not gone.

It is stuffed somewhere inside the nook and cranny of your brain.

Let’s explore.