The Garden Within

Cultivating Self-Acceptance in the Soil of Life’s Challenges

Abhishek Verma
2 min readOct 21, 2023
Source: Author

In the garden of my soul, seeds of doubt lay sown,
Watered by tears, nourished in the shadow’s keep.
Through tangled weeds of fear, a timid bud has grown,
Timid yet earnest, emerging from the deep.

But life’s a diligent gardener, with lessons keen to share,
It prunes with trials, fertilizes with strife.
And as I face each challenge, as I gasp for air,
I find the bud in bloom, unfolding into life.

There are days of wilt and frost, days the sun hides away,
When the sky grows dark and my petals close in fright.
Yet even in that silence, in the shroud of gray,
I learn to seek my light, from within the darkest night.

For the garden is resilient, its roots run deep and true,
Its blossoms are its stories, its thorns the lessons learned.
Each petal is a chapter, each hue a point of view,
A testament to battles fought and peace that’s hard-earned.

So, I celebrate this garden, every flaw and every scar,
For they’re but signs of growth, of a life that’s fully lived.
I’ve learned to love each part of me, for that’s what makes me,
me — A garden ever-changing, with so much more to give.