The Hamster In The Wheel

A Poem

Abhishek Verma
Sep 13, 2022


Source: Author

You have a beautiful heart,
I see it getting torn,
By the humdrum of the daily life,
The wheel you keep on running in.

The maleficent malediction,
Pronounced upon you,
By the biases of the booring,
Beasts around you.

Day in day out, night in night out,
Forever running, if not running,
Then thinking about running,
The next day alas your whole life.

How long before the death tolls,
How long before the life fades,
How long before you come to realize,
That you are the hamster in the wheel.

Shun the wheel, shun the words,
Of those who never knew the wheel,
Come outside and inside reality,
And create it as you wish.

The hamster in the wheel,
The hamster in the wheel,
Now you may become,
The master of the wheel.