We All Are In The Eye of Tornado

Abhishek Verma
2 min readMay 11, 2020
Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash

One of the biggest lies we live is our own existences.

The most comfortable place in a tornado is the eye of the tornado, there you can spend your whole life without getting affected by it. But, the thing is you need to move with it.

That is when these golden words come in:

Change is the only constant.

In the eye of the tornado, we are so comfortable.

We see many parts of our lives in chaos, flying hither-tither, literally spiralling out and still, we are sitting on the couch, munching the bag of Doritos and crunching the latest ones on Netflix.

If you are sitting right now and feel comfortable, I have some bad news.

You are in a tornado!

You need to take action.

You need to move forward with the tornado.

You see when we get too comfortable with our lives for some time, everything is great i.e. we are in the eye of the tornado.

But, then, things start to fall apart and spiral out of control i.e. we got caught in the tornado.

So, before life gives you lemons and crushes you into a pulp with its tornado, you need to plant your seeds of growth and nourish them with your progress.

Too much comfort is a warning bell.

After too much comfort will come too much discomfort.

The perfect balance, the perfect place to be in the tornado of life, is the midway.

Between the eye of the tornado and the periphery of it.

So, you get equal amounts of good and bad.

At this point, you will grow with love and hardships.

And you need to maintain your position, so, you gotta move with the motions of the tornado.

Tornados may vanish into nothingness, but the light of your life, zeal and passion shall wither and neither shall the tornado of this tumultuous life.

Move forward against the resistance.

Improve yourself every day.

Beat the YOU yesterday in every aspect.

Your only competition is only you.

Get beaten and then, beat it some very fine day.

Till then, welcome to the eye of the tornado.