We Are The Images of Our Mother Earth

Abhishek Verma
5 min readApr 14, 2020
Photo by Louis Maniquet on Unsplash

A singular entity (God’s Particle) seemingly wandering around in the nothingness and then, one moment, it blasted itself to create all of the universe today. Its singular wish was to be not alone anymore. The wish still exists, scientists call it CMBR.

Out of the infinite universe, our Earth looks much smaller than a grain of sand you seemingly ignore in the humdrum of life.

Our Earth created us with the same wish, to be not alone. It created us in its own image.

We are 70% water and so, is Earth.

Your eyes look exactly like the Earth and even, move like it around a singular axis. You look at Earth through the shape of Earth and take in its beauty with all its magnanimity.

Your lungs essentially look like copy-paste from roots of trees.

Your blood vessels look like the tributaries of rivers.

And obviously, you are copied from the apes and version 2.0 of them.

You have often heard this:

What’s inside is what matters

How does the Earth look like from inside?

What do our Minds look like from inside?

They are the same

Honestly, it is the same.

Internally and externally, we have been created to exact the image of Earth.

What’s outside is your body, which everybody looks at. But, at the end of the day that is not what is all about you.

On the outside, Earth’s crust looks like blue sphere tinged by hues of brown and green. But, inside, it is home to the beautiful souls we all are.

Likewise, we all have our unique bodies with different coloured skin and hair. But, inside, we have our pristine, beautiful thoughts that create our beautiful reality.

Now, you have mantle, which is hot and a bit mobile like our minds which keep on having thoughts, always active, always radioactive hot but again, a bit mobile, one thought after another.