What A Book Can Do To You?

Abhishek Verma
6 min readMar 19, 2020
Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

Honestly speaking, it changed me.

See, there is one thing, we should always remember.

All and every knowledge in this world and every single idea that comes into your mind is pristine and precious.

One day, see, you are just walking through the same path, you take every day. You then remember something you used to do. I am an obsessive reader. I have finished a series of books while reading 18 hrs every day, the same hasn’t been done for my textbooks. And, thus, I know why we don’t talk anymore.

I used to READ. Focus on the used to and not the read.

But, that day, I was walking through the same road and this day, I entered it. With a sweet chiming of the bell, I opened the door to the big, beautiful world of books. See, I told you, all knowledge is pristine and precious, that is something you realize when you touch the hardback of a book and a whiff of that new book enters your nose and enervates you.

Yes, you realize it, you realize it very deeply.

So, I decided to buy a book in this world where you can get anything in digital.

Weird choice but then, I am and I absolutely love it.

I skimmed through all sections and stumbled upon the Self-Help one because nobody else gonna help me here.

I picked the book with the orange cover that I saw an umpteen number of times in places teeming with people, namely, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F{blood-stain when you shoot somebody}ck.

Not a very UNIQUE choice but then, from the ordinary, extraordinary arises.

6 months, 6 DAMN months to read a book with approximately 200 pages. Heights of procrastination, I MUST comment.

I just remember two things: Responsibility and Values.


Responsibility. Responsibility. Responsibility.

The meaning behind this word is as long and deep as its length. Its length really justifies the weight, it puts on…