What Does Actually Drive You?

Abhishek Verma
3 min readDec 11, 2019
Photo by Matthew Kerslake on Unsplash

What is the emotion that leads you to do something? What constantly drives you to do something in your life?

It is an emotion, heard of, frequently but not in conjunction with drive but sex.


Yes, it is an emotion, not a state where you need to get your partner to.

It has more work to do than the usual business in bed.

The sudden feeling to stand up and do something, it comes from here. This is your drive, a singular emotion leading to the work you do and deem important.

Arousal is the physiological and psychological state of being awoken or of sense organs stimulated to a point of perception.

It is very important to understand this emotion. Because one thing, we mostly lack is motivation, focus and willingness to do something wholeheartedly. All that comes from here. Yet, we just brush it off something related to sex.

It is much more than that.

It is the hidden gem in emotions.

Do you know anything about ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’?

Simply, put, introverts like to stay at home and extroverts like to go out and party.

They are created by this very emotion. The baseline of arousal in humans leads them to be introvert and extrovert.

Introverts are already walking around with over-stimulated brains, so, when they try to take part in arousing activities such as partying etc., their arousal goes over the top and hence, they avoid such situations. They prefer quiet places.

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

Extroverts on the other hand are walking with under-stimulated brains and hence, actively seek arousing situations.

There is no problem in being extrovert or introvert. Every gem has its own lustre.

Moving on from the age-old divide of introverts and extroverts.

Arousal is more important and very crucial for performance.