Whispers Beneath the Wisdom Tree: A Poem of Love

Abhishek Verma
2 min readOct 22, 2023
Source: Author

In a little town not far away,
Children ran, laughed, and played every day.
The sun was bright, the sky so blue,
Every day felt fresh and new.

There was a tree, so tall and grand,
The oldest one in all the land.
Its branches wide, its roots so deep,
Holding secrets it did keep.

Under this tree, an old man sat,
With a white beard and a worn-out hat.
He watched the children, day by day,
And often had wise words to say.

“Come gather around,” he’d often speak,
“To learn a lesson, unique and sleek.
Life is a journey, long and wide,
With ups and downs, and side to side.”

“There will be times of joy and glee,
Times when you’re as happy as can be.
But there’ll be days of rain and storm,
When nothing feels right or warm.”

“Don’t give up when times are tough,
Even when you feel you’ve had enough.
For after the rain, there’s a rainbow’s glow,
A sign of hope, as we all know.”

“Be kind to others, show them care,
For everyone has burdens to bear.
A smile, a hug, a word so sweet,
Can lift someone off their feet.”

“Cherish your friends, hold them tight,
They’ll be your stars in the darkest night.
And when you’re lost, feeling small,
Remember you’re loved by all.”

“Life’s a gift, so precious and rare,
Live it with love, joy, and care.
Every moment, every day,
Is a chance to learn, grow, and play.”

As the days passed, the children grew,
Carrying the lessons they all knew.
The old man’s words, deep and wise,
Became their guiding light in the skies.

Years went by, the old man gone,
But his legacy lived on and on.
For the children, now grown and tall,
Passed his lessons to one and all.

In the end, the message was clear,
Live with love, hope, and no fear.
For life’s a journey, with lessons to find,
And the greatest treasure is a loving mind.